The Large Black Bear By The Housatonic 

Stood in the middle
Of the narrow dirt road,
Pretty much taking up
The entire
Width of the road,
A perfectly still,
Looming shadow.
He was calmly
Trying to understand
What he was seeing
Which was us, –
Two humans,
After a day on the
Bending river,
Having just finished,
Two boats,
One a top the car,
Another on a trailer.
Black bears have poor eyesight
And we were downwind.
But, he could hear us, which I forgot, and
Foolishly spoke too loud,
For too long,
Which caused
The apparition,
Black as black can be,
Black as the new mooned night,
To comprehend.
I could feel
Us registering in
His questioning mind,
– No doubt this bear was a he, to my
Unbelievably resolute COVID-19
Quarantined psychic
Sensibilities –
As he swiftly then,
Made his way directly into the
Red-winged blackbird
Snapping turtled
© Susan Lynn Gesmer, May 2020

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